CMS Compatibility

Some of Shield's launch customers have indicated, that frame compatibility is crucial for them.

Over the years, companies acquire hundreds of various components -  therefore it was important that Shield-built CMS equipment would work with other solutions, available on the market. Our target was to be compatible with Coverspan Plus®, Multispan® and Tec-Span® structures - that's what led us calling our framework Cover/Multi Span which became CMS.

As of right now, Shield CMS Standard range is compatible with the following systems:

  • Coverspan Plus®
  • Multispan®
  • Tec-Span®

CMS-C Compatibility Disclaimer

CMS-C framework and PVC covers may not always be compatible with CMS Standard range or with Coverspan Plus®, Multispan® and Tec-Span® structures, due to:

  • May include unusual parts that might not fit any other structure,
  • May have construction angles unlike standard frames,
  • May have certain reinforcement parts to ensure operational safety under unusual circumstances,
  • PVC covers may have specific parts, preventing it from fitting standard keder channels. 

We will warn you about any potential problems that may occur with your CMS-C marquee parts with regards to compatibility with CMS Standard and Coverspan Plus®, Multispan® and Tec-Span® structures. In such case Shield is not responsible for compatibility.

Coverspan Plus® is a registered trademark of Custom Covers UK Ltd
Multispan® is a registered trademark of Tectonics UK Limited.
Tec-Span® is a registered trademark of Roder HTS Hocker GmbH.