Cover/Multi Span Custom Range

When you need that little special touch to your marquee...

The Cover/Multi-Span “CMS” range of framework and PVC products are a great choice for the marquee industry - as these can be used as standalone marquees, ensuring extendibility with the current stock of equipment your business might have.

However, every now and then there are situations, when you need a more specialised frame – that would fit certain strict space constraints for a long-term hire order.  Still, once the order is completed it’s preferable to reuse the existing equipment. Cover/Multi Span-Custom (or CMS-C) semi custom products allow just that.

Built to the same high quality standards, while using the same proven high quality materials, CMS-C are every little bit as durable and lasting as our CMS range – and gained a surprising amount of interest as smoking shelter for pubs and other “non marquee hire” businesses. For such cases, Shield can arrange not only the delivery, but also the setup and the installation of the marquee for the buyer*.

Retaining partial commonality* with standard CMS range, CMS-C marquees allow matching standard equipment with semi custom parts, allowing variations in A frame sizes other than 3m to 15m (in 3m increments). This also allows for cost effective expandability and increased ease of use.

Shield works with leading suppliers in the UK and the EU, which allows us to source a variety of different PVC colours – which allows us to make custom PVC covers for the marquee, in a colour of your preference.

On this page, you can find a CMS-C enquiry form, where you can make ask for a CMS-C marquee quote. We aim to get back to you with a quote within a week.

* Both delivery and installation are separately chargeable services and are not included in the cost of the marquee.

** The level of commonality is variable on a case by case basis, Shield cannot guarantee all CMS-C parts will function properly with CMS parts.