Sometime, when you need a truly custom product, even a CMS-C semi custom marquee might not be good enough. Our answer to this is our marquee custom shop. Custom angles, slanted surfaces, and different colour choices for both frame and PVC - we can make it.

Shield Custom Shop, while more expensive, time and material consuming - can make one off structures that can fit even the most unusual spatial constraints, where the usual marquees (essentially, rectangular in their base) would not fit.

As a client, you specify all your needs and requirements – which we then assess to make up a quote from you. If you are based in West Midlands (UK), we can measure the suggested area for you during a free of charge site visit.

On a quote, we would normally offer you a number of options – ranging from the most cost effective up to a full custom one. The quote will include a delivery estimate and an estimated cost.

Custom Shop marquees are built with extra care and extra precision, using the same high quality, standard-compliant materials to ensure it fits the required space constraints just perfectly. As with CMS-C marquees, our experienced team of marquee riggers can setup and install the structure.