Dry Hire

For the situations when you require additional equipment, but it is not cost effective to buy the necessary gear (say, for a big “off season” job) - we are happy to introduce our dry hire service. Using our own special dry hire stock*, we offer our complete range of products** - all of which are also separately available for purchase.

One of the main goals we are pursuing with this service is to give you an opportunity try our products in action - this should give you some experience with our gear and would hopefully help form a positive opinion on our equipment. Establishing a working relationship with Shield also helps.


Here’s some of the items we offer for dry hire:

Framework & PVC

As stated previously, we are using Shield’s own components for stock - our current dry hire stock includes items manufactured by Shield within last 2 years. Currently, that includes the CMS Standard range sizes of 3m to 15m in 94mm and 114mm profiles. Same applies to PVC - the full CMS Standard*** range, including ClearMax windows.

We do not plan to have any CMS Custom items available for dry hire as these are “build to order” parts. However, should there be a long term hire requirement for a custom part, - that might become feasible and we would then be happy to accommodate your needs. This includes both the PVC and framework.


Similar to other dry hire categories, we are making our linings available for dry hire. We are currently building up the linings stock, however, ultimately we will be offering the following types of linings:

  • Standard Linings, including roofs, hip ends and gables, a range of swags, walls and drapes for 2.3m eave height and 3m wide bays.

    • Default colour is ivory/white. We do offer other colours for purchase and plan to eventually offer them for dry hire as well.

    • Initially, we are offering pleated linings - however, we will offer flat linings.

  • Starlight Linings - available in standard configurations.

  • Blackout Linings - made out of an extremely thick black fabric that we consider to be the best and thickest on the market****. These do not let any light in. We are offering our blackouts in standard configurations.

Glass Doors, Windows and Solid Walls


Over the last 2 years, we’ve introduced our lineup of glass doors, windows and solid walls - giving our customers an option to insulate and secure their marquee in a cost efficient manner - it gives the structure a very solid and safe feel. At the same time, all of these systems are also easy to install and transport.

Shield’s glass windows are a minimalist elegant solution, combining 3 large glass panels and a slender modular frame. Our doors follow the same design philosophy - a few large panels, a minimalist frame. Our special hinges allow the door to open in both direction.

We will make all 3 available for dry hire in a standard configuration that works with our standard CMS framework - 3m wide bays with both 2.3m and 3m eave heights supported.

Shield’s guttering and canopy solutions.

We think our guttering system is overall the best guttering solution currently on the market. We keep a small stock around with most lengths available. Please ring for a quote on the specific configuration you require.

Our canopy system is a further extension of our guttering system and is unique to us. It comes in a range of widths, starting at 3m and continuing in 3m increments. One suggested use - an easy canopy to use at the front of a structure.

* This framework is less than 2 years old.
** Subject to availability.
*** Currently, the our PVC dry hire stock is mainly “Bungee Tensioned/Scalloped”. We are commited to growing our “Bar Tensioned” dry hire stock should there be sufficient interest.
**** For the purpose.