Today we added a Gallery section to our website - where we are going to showcase some of the marquees we've built. It's going to be especially useful to someone who is actually considering buying something unusual - a coloured marquee, perhaps.

Shield is happy to provide CMS-C Options on all of the standard range of PVC covers - for example, the top marquee in the CMS-C Gallery is using silver/black 2-coloured PVC option. The customer requested it specifically as the intended use of this marquee is a stage - hence the inner blackout for that special rock'n'roll atmosphere.

Other 2 marquees we have in the gallery so far are yellow and blue. Unfortunately, while we did structures with other colours as well - we didn't have pictures of them to share with you. But, looking forward, we will certainly try to take as many pictures of these marquees as we can.

So, we hope you'll enjoy it.

P.S.: Just in case you are interested in a marquee with coloured PVC - contact us and we'll help you out!