Protect your investment - bags for marquee linings.

We were approached by a marquee hire company to help create a range of bags for their existing marquee linings range. The hire company wanted to create a ‘single’ item bag for their range of marquee linings; roof middle linings, hip end linings, gable linings and walls linings etc.

Eliminating loading problems such as taking incorrect bags/stock was a massive factor is choosing to create a lining bag system. For example, taking hip linings instead of roof middle linings.

Here’s what they wanted to create:

  • A ‘single item’ lining bag that would allow staff to identify a product simply by looking at the bag;

  • A correctly sized bag;

  • A bag that was durable enough to survive the riggers of the marquee hire trade.

It was imperative that the bags were made to measure.  Too big and there was a danger that two items would be crammed into it and too small a bag would evidently mean overly creased linings.


Based on their standard hire range, 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m and 15m wide structures, our bags have a coloured theme:

  • Each marquee width has a coloured ‘body’ for the bag;

  • Each product has a coloured ‘top’ for the bag.

Our standard bag colour ranges below - however, you can personalise your bag colours to your preference.

Roof middle linings, Hip End Linings, Gable linings and reveal curtain .

Roof middle linings, Hip End Linings, Gable linings and reveal curtain.

Wall Linings.

Wall Linings.

Gutter and infill linings.

Gutter and infill linings.

Therefore at a glance, you’ll be able identify what the item is within the bag just by looking at the bag colours. If we take an example of a 9m wide x 9m marquee (three bays).  The roof linings can be done in several different configurations:

  • Three roof middle linings and a tent set of gable linings.

  • One roof middle lining and a tent set of Hip end linings.

  • Two roof middle lining, one half gable tent set anone hip end.

Our “Body” colour for 9m wide structures is Burgundy;
Our “Top” colour for roof middle linings is Burgundy;
Our “Top” colour for Hip End roof is Blue;
Our “Top” colour for a Half gable tent set is Orange.

lining bags for 9m - 01.jpg
Shield - SS18.006.jpeg

Common theme.

Our marquee lining bags have a common theme, the main bag colour for a given width structure is the same.  As the photo above shows, all of the 9m wide structures have the same main bag colour (Burgundy). All products (Roof linings, Hip Ends, Gables linings etc) regardless of the width structure size have the same coloured tops.

Therefore if you ever pick up a bag with a Blue top, you’ll know it’s a hip end, or an orange top a half tent set of gable linings.

Strong and robust.

With the average cost of a roof lining many hundreds of pounds, having a strong and durable bag to ‘protect your investment’ will save you money in the long run.

Our bags are made from a heavy duty, PVC coated, polyester.  This material is ideal to create our marquee lining bags as it’s strong, durable, wind and ‘splash’ proof.

How often can a bag of linings get safely loaded onto a van or lorry, only to find, when you reach your destination, it’s moved and found its way underneath a marquee frame or PVC?

When that does happen, rest assured your linings will be protected within it’s bag.

Save time by eliminating mistakes.

Loading and unloading is time consuming and it only takes one mistake to mean you can’t finish a job.  It’s inevitable that a member of staff needs to go back to your depo to reload the missing item. Provided the linings go back into the correct bags, this should reduce the common errors that occur with loading.  I.e. Too few items being loaded, the incorrect roof size, or roof type going to a job by mistake.

If you can clearly identify what ‘single item’ is within the bag and one glance, you’ll surely speed up the loading process and reduce the number of loading errors that occur.