Welcome to Shield's website!

It's the ninth day of October and this is a special day for us.

The small website launch day.

Granted, right now it's a basic page with a rather limited set of information - however, we will be quietly updating it. We will have so much more to share and show you - however, for now we're just launching with this rather easy page. Why?

This way Shield can have a home on the internet, a place where you can leave your questions and enquiries - because the manufacturing side of Shield if far more developed at this stage.

So don't hesitate to contact us - we are here, happy to help you and to supply with some excellent Shield marquee hardware.

Our current phone number is 0121 318 5588, while for all emails please use info@shieldmfg.co.uk. If you'd like to leave an inquiry - please visit our Contact Us page where you can find a form you can use.