A special offer.

As of Tuesday, we're three days into Summer. To celebrate, we have an offer on our full marquees:

  • A 9m by 15m clear span marquee (bungee tensioned/scalloped) - £7,070.38. 
  • A 6m by 15m clear span marquee (bungee tensioned/scalloped) - £5,515.73.

Both of these marquees come standard with Mehler PVC, high quality aluminium and steel metalwork.

Offer is valid from 3.6.2014 to 13.06.2014.

In case you're interested - contact us on 0121 318 5588 or info@shieldmfg.co.uk for more information.

Website Update

Starting with this week, we're slowly updating Shield's website back from irrelevance.

Although the majority of the pages are not yet public, we are trying to get the majority of important information about us live and accessible. Also, if you happen to stumble on one of these authorisation screens... 


...while browsing for something of interest to you - let us know if you have any questions via the good old telephone, email or the inquiry form. We're here and ready to help. That's a promise.

In other news - Twitter, Shield's now @shieldmfgltd. Say "hi!", we don't mind.

Shield's CMS PVC products - now with Mehler® PVC.

During the Showman's Show this year, quite a few people were asking for a particular brand of PVC.

Today, we are pleased to tell you that Mehler Valmex© PVC products are available as an option, when ordering Shield's CMS PVC batches of products. To do that - just ask for a Mehler, when making a quote inquiry. 

Thanks for visiting us at the Showman's Show!

23 & 24 of October were quite eventful.

Shield showcased some of our first smaller size CMS frames - we actually used our 9m CMS covered frame for our stand, while the smaller 3m and 6m.

For some of our team members, it was the first time they've ever been to a show of such scale - and the fun atmosphere at the show made an amazing experience. Something, obviously, could have been done differently - but we are sure going to do our homework for the next one... Yes, we already looking into going to the Showman's Show next year.

We would also like to thank all of you who visited us. Its been a pleasure.

Meet us at the Showman's Show 2013

You can find Shield Marquee Manufacturing' at Stand 178.

Yep, this is official.

Shield Marquee Manufacturing Ltd. is participating in the annual Showman's Show 2013, taking place on 23 & 24 October at Newbury Showground, Berkshire.



We're extremely excited to go, as this will be the first time we'll really get the word out - after all, Shield is a very young company and while the feedback we get from our first users is great, it's hardly enough.

Hence, if you happen to be at the Showman's Show next Wednesday and Thursday - come and say hi! And, if you're looking for some gear - get a quote from us.

You might leave our stand pleasantly surprised...


Welcome to Shield's website!

It's the ninth day of October and this is a special day for us.

The small website launch day.

Granted, right now it's a basic page with a rather limited set of information - however, we will be quietly updating it. We will have so much more to share and show you - however, for now we're just launching with this rather easy page. Why?

This way Shield can have a home on the internet, a place where you can leave your questions and enquiries - because the manufacturing side of Shield if far more developed at this stage.

So don't hesitate to contact us - we are here, happy to help you and to supply with some excellent Shield marquee hardware.

Our current phone number is 0121 318 5588, while for all emails please use info@shieldmfg.co.uk. If you'd like to leave an inquiry - please visit our Contact Us page where you can find a form you can use.