Cover/Multi Span Standard PVC Products Range

A PVC cover for every CMS-compatible marquee

In house, Shield produces a series of PVC covers that will fit your CMS-compatible marquees, regardless of the manufacturer. Whatever the necessity, you can use our PVC products as replacements to match your current stock or get additional few items you were missing for an order next week.

Panoramic ClearMax PVC Windows at the front of Shield's Showman's Show 2013 marquee during the outfitting of the marquee.

Made completely "in house" in Birmingham, controlling the whole process of production from the beginning to the very end, using the best materials and parts from our European suppliers, Shield's PVC products are consistently high quality. To ensure this, every single items, once finished, goes through rigorous quality control.

Every product can be optionally made to include your preffered modifications - like metal rings, zips instead of laces etc. For these options, please contact us when making an order.

CMS-C PVC Colour Options

CMS-C blue roof on a Shield CMS-C marquee at The Wellington Pub in Birmingham.

As with the framework, there are times when you need something a little different - and it doesn't matter, whether it's a necessity or just fun. CMS-C PVC colour options* allows you to add your desired colour to all products in our range of products.

Custom PVC Items

Have something really different in mind? Having trouble finding someone to actually make the item? 

Panoramic ClearMax windows and gable ends on 12m clear span wedding marquee.

At Shield, we can make** a custom PVC cover to fit any item or structure you might need. Please contact us - and we will reply with a custom quote for the items you are interested in. A wider selection of materials is available for Custom PVC products on request.

A cover you can be safe under

The materials we use for our CMS Standard PVC products are fire retardant and compliant with BS7837 British standard. As you can expect, the material is waterproof and can withstand multiple years of wear*** The material is made in EU.


PVC Specifications:

  • Fire retardant

  • Anti fungal

  • Low wick

  • 650 g/m²
  • BS7837

Click here for the certificate.

Standard Options:

  • Bungee Tension

  • Bar Tensioned

  • Straight Edge

  • Scalloped Edge

While taking your order, we will ask which options you require.

Marquee Systems:

  • Coverspan Plus®

  • Multispan®

  • Tec-Span® 

For further information, please see our compatibility guide or contact us.

CMS-C Options:

  • Subject to Shield's approval.

  • Subject to availability.

  • Affect delivery schedule and product price.

*CMS-C colour options subject to prior approval.
**Subject to approval by Shield Marquee Manufacturing Ltd. 
***Subject to conditions of use.

Coverspan Plus® is a registered trademark of Custom Covers UK Ltd
Multispan® is a registered trademark of Tectonics UK Limited.
Tec-Span® is a registered trademark of Roder HTS Hocker GmbH.