During 2015, a number of companies have reached out to us - they needed more insulation and better sound isolation. However, they weren't keen on losing the ease of installation of a 2 piece solid PVC wall.

The solid wall system is our answer.

Shield's solid walls - in use at a location

Shield's solid walls - in use at a location

better protection

The Shield Solid Walling system offers greater security and better protection to the elements than the traditional one piece or two piece dutch lace wall.

The customer that hires the structure for a winter event often prefers the solid wall over and above the PVC version due to it’s greater insulation and acoustic properties

A long term solution

The solid walling is commonly fitted in long term structures, such as temporary warehousing or for corporate event marquees.

The solid walls can be particularly useful when used on winter hires, such as Christmas or New Year events that take place at hotels and venues.


Simple and light

The design is simple and easy to fit and with the panels being of a lightweight form, the system is cost effective to transport and straightforward to handle.

The full wall is made up of a series interlocking, tongue and groove plastic panels that slides down either a side ‘U’ profile channel or a corner ‘U’ Profile.  

Compatible with your frame

The aluminium U profiles can be supplied for either the 3m, 6m, or 9m (94mm x 48mm) marquee frames or for the 12m and 15m (114mm x 80mm) marquee frame.

The standard width for the solid wall has been made for the 3 metre bay marquee, but can be made for a 5 metre bay, or an alternative bespoke size.


It is very easy to setup Shield’s solid wall.

  1. First you install the ‘U’ profiles in both legs. These must be correct for your framework profile (94 mm or 114 mm). Once these are in place – you can start feeding through the plastic panels.
  2. You can load first solid wall panels through the cutout in the middle of the ‘U’ profiles – just slide them on each other. Afterwards, you can slide the panels through the top. The short panel goes on top.
  3. If the solid walls are required for a short period – there’s no need to fix each panel to each other. However, if the walls are required for a prolonged period time – it might better suit your requirements to securely fix the panels.

Package consists of

A standard kit includes

  • Standard Panel – 250 mm x 2940 mm, 8 panels in total
  • Short Panel – 195 mm x 2940 mm, 1 panel in total

A set of ‘U’ profiles:

  • Aluminium
  • 94 mm or 114 mm
  • Standard or corner Set

A set of an additional 130 mm panel and ‘U’ profile extensions is available separately to fit marquees with 3 m Eave Heath. Our solid wall can be assembled by a single person and it normally shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes in total.